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Real Estate Valuation

In case you are interested in our opinion in regard of your property market value (in our region), we are able to give you right directions since we actively participate in real estate business and daily take part in buying and selling. The agency owner is a member of the Appraising Committee of the town of Bjelovar and has access to e-nekretnine (e-properties) portal where all concluded sales information obtained by the Tax Office and Notary Public Offices is visible.

In order to make your real estate marketable and competitive, it is necessary to define the price which will satisfy your needs and is set according to current real estate market situation. Such an approach guarantees that your property will be sold within the acceptable period and for the best possible price.

With that in mind, we offer professional advice based on our year long experience of being into real estate business. Also, we offer an official appraisal of the property market value prepared by our associates, a court expert or an appraiser in case there is a lawsuit for the particular property.

Energy certificate:

Energy certificate is a document that shows energy characteristics for a particular building. It is issued by an authorized person – energy certifier in two original copies together with the Report on Energy Inspection based on the conducted property energy inspection and is valid for 10 years.

Energy certificate is compulsory for buildings, that is, its single units (apartments, offices, business spaces) when listing for sale or lease. The purpose of energy certificate is to give information to owners and building users (as well as future owners / residents / users) about the building characteristics or its independent usable units. Residential and non-residential buildings are classified in eight energy classes according to energy scale from A+ to G. A+ marks the top class and G is the least favourable class.

The certificate is not needed for detached residential houses or business spaces, offices, shops and similar if they are smaller than 50m2 of total usable surface, as well as industrial buildings, workshops and agricultural buildings that have a little need for energy, for buildings of temporary character which will be used only for two years or less and buildings used for religious ceremonies.

Please contact us / Talk to use and we will, together with our authorized energy certifier, in the shortest possible period, prepare an energy certificate according to valid prices.